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The Church of God By Faith, Inc., was founded in 1914 in Jacksonville, Florida. The founders were:


Crawford Bright 
Elder John Bright 
Aaron Matthews, Sr. 
Nathaniel Scippio


Hubert Steadman became the first Executive Secretary and Editor for the Sunday School literature and various inspirational publications.


Our founders created the "Church" (which refers to an assembly of people, not a building) for the expressed purpose of glorifying God in the beauty of "Holiness." Needless to say, this came after the founders themselves were "saved." They had a desire for others, as well, to seek the quality of life and character which is set before Christians as an ideal guide and moral obligation.


Thus, this bonding or coming together and consequent formation of the "Church of God By Faith, Inc." was to serve as a basis whereby "believers" could be encouraged, educated in the word of God, strengthen, sustained, spiritually grow, and be unified in an environment where the Spirit of Christ is truly active.The name itself, (Church of God), gives glory to the Lord, which is due unto His name. And "Faith" was the tool indicative of the trust, confidence, reliability, and steadfastness that they so wholeheartedly placed in the unseen power of God. Hence, the "Church" was materialized from the perceptional thought of foresighted, endeavoring, spiritually led and blessed individuals: diligently acting on one of many promises of the Lord.


The first Assembly Meeting of the Church was held in 1917 at White Springs, Florida; after which, missions were set up in various places. Palatka, FL was known as the "headquarters" of the group in 1919. A General Assembly was held in Alachua, Florida in 1922 where the leading elders drafted a charter, which is now known as the "Church of God By Faith, Inc."


The General Assembly was moved from Alachua, FL to Ocala, FL in December 1941. In 1987, we began going annually to Atlanta, GA where the meetings are still held.

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